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Corporate Governance

The Board endorses the principles of the King Report on Corporate Governance (“King Report”) and believes that sound corporate governance practices are key in delivering sustainable performance. The Board is compliant in all material respects with the principles of the King IV Report. A full report on our application of the King IV principles is available here.

The responsibility for effective corporate governance at Arden Capital Limited (formerly Brainworks Limited) rests on the board of directors, The board is committed to leading the company with integrity and in an efficient manner, which promotes ethical business practises.

To assist the board in discharging its duties, the board has constituted the following committees:

  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Investments Committee
  • Nomination & Remuneration Committee
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Each committee acts according to clearly defined terms of reference approved by the Board and reports to the Board on matters discussed at committee meetings.

Board Committees are entitled to take independent and external professional advice, as and when necessary. Senior Management as well as internal and external auditors regularly attend Committee meetings to report on specific issues.

Notice of Special Meeting Form of Proxy

Notice of Annual General Meeting Non-Executive Directors Policy

Download Remuneration Policy Constitution of Arden Capital Limited

Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name Remuneration Report